Refractory Field Services

Bisco’s crews have the necessary experience and training to handle industrial projects of all sizes. Whether your organization is in need of an emergency repair to keep production online or planning a shutdown for scheduled plant maintenance, we have the people and equipment to ensure project success. And because our managers, supervisors and craftsmen have decades of combined industry experience working in various industrial settings, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands from planning to completion.

brickOur refractory field services include:

  • Brick Installation
  • Shotcrete Application
  • Gunite
  • Ram Plastic Installation
  • Ceramic Fiber Installation
  • Ceramic Welding 
  • Grout Injection
  • Castable Pumping 
  • Foamfrax Installation
  • Controlled Demolition

Plant Maintenance Solutions

In many cases, our customers find contracting Bisco to handle routine plant tasks more cost-efficient and effective than maintaining large in-house maintenance crews. This is because our dynamic business structure and well-developed labor pool allow us to scale contract options to your facility’s production needs depending on market fluctuations. Our managers work with plant maintenance decision makers to develop comprehensive solutions, so our customers know that Bisco employees will arrive onsite with the necessary training and pre-employment vetting to meet all site-specific requirements.  Bisco can provide reliable crews to handle all or part of your organization’s refractory upkeep including: ongoing preventative furnace maintenance, ladle relines and repairs, daily monitoring of heat-containing vessels, refractory inventory management, and more.

Bisco’s industrial construction experience includes project success in:

  • Integrated Steel Production
  • Coke Production
  • Foundries and Ductile Iron Facilities
  • Cement and Lime Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Aluminum Plants
  • Glass and Abrasive Production
  • Power Plants 
  • Lead Melting Facilities
  • Mini Mills

Pre-cast Specialty Shop

precastBisco Refractories operates a specialty shop at our Birmingham, Ala., facility.  Our specialty shop experts can perform offsite repairs and refractory relines to your industrial assets, minimizing onsite disruptions to plant production. 

Our team also has the experience and qualification to work with your facility to engineer ground-up industrial solutions for part replacement and improvement where necessary. 

Material Production and Sourcing

Material cost and availability is key to the success of your organization’s refractory maintenance program.

In addition to equipment repairs, our precast division can manufacture specialty refractory shapes for projects of all sizes. 

Bisco Refractories also leverages longstanding relationships with top refractory material producers in every region to ensure our customers get the highest quality refractory materials at the best possible price. 

Other Services

Bisco’s experience meeting an exceeding the rigorous safety and regulatory requirements of American industry has provided us the opportunity to expand our business beyond its refractory maintenance roots over the past decade. Our company is currently experiencing exciting growth in conventional masonry and demolition. 

Conventional Masonry

Bisco Refractortories is a premier provider of masonry crews to perform new construction projects in environments where safety standards and regulatory requirements make it virtually impossible for conventional masonry contractors to operate. The reason is simple: We have the favorable relationships required to man our commercial jobs with expert masonry craftsmen and the experience required to train those craftsmen to work in environments where industry regulation far exceeds the OSHA minimums familiar to most contractors. We have experience completing commercial masonry projects in nuclear power and various industrial production facilities. 

Robotic Demolition

Our Robotic Demolition division offers customers the equipment and expert operators needed to perform demolition projects where conventional labor demolition is not an option. We maintain a fleet of  Brokk demolition machines capable of handling tear-out projects of all sizes.  

Committed to Safe Solutions for Customer Success

construction-worker-956496_960_720-1.jpgBisco Refractories is committed to providing expert construction and industrial maintenance service to our customers with a rigorous focus on safety and compliance with industry regulation. We know that our success as an industry leader in refractory installation and maintenance is built on our people. That’s why we hire the nation’s top refractory experts, employees who possess decades of combined experience in building and maintaining heat-containing industrial equipment.

Our employees are our most valuable asset– and ensuring a safe work environment for both them and our customer is our top business concern. 

We also understand the importance of giving our people the tools they need to get the job done right. Our company maintains a fleet of top-of-the-line refractory installation equipment with backups to ensure we will finish the job in the event of unexpected mechanical failure. In addition, we train all of our operators to diagnose and repair equipment problems in the field. 

The bottom line: Continual reinvestment in our employees and business assets drives our growth as a premier construction company. 

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